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Dreaming About Your Ex? 5 Reasons Why it’s Happening

Have you ever woken up from a slumber, only to realize that you spent it dreaming about an ex boyfriend or girlfriend? While these dreams can bring up old feelings, they probably don’t mean what you think. In fact, people tend to have these dreams when they start dating again because they start comparing the two relationships. 

However, taking the time to understand your dreams and why you might be having them is a step towards healing. You’re taking control of your emotions and preventing the past from negatively affecting your future. 

Below are five reasons why you might be dreaming about your ex. 

1. You have unresolved feelings toward your ex.

One of the biggest reasons why people dream about their exes is because they have unresolved feelings. These feelings do not have to be romantic – they could be from how you broke up. Maybe there were things you wanted to say but didn’t, or things you said that you didn’t mean. 

2. You miss certain parts of your life. 

Part of the reason why breakups are so difficult is because they also force you to close the chapter on some of the things you love. For example, you and your ex might have loved vacationing or spending time at the family lakehouse. Breaking up with them meant leaving those things, too. Dreaming of your ex could just mean that you miss these parts of your life. 

3. You’re worried about your new relationship. 

It’s natural to compare relationships. Your psyche might be doing this to sort out the problems from your past relationship and prevent them from happening in your new relationship. You might also be scared to start something new if your previous relationship ended badly. Opening yourself up to love again is likely to trigger dreams about an ex.

4. You could still have feelings for them. 

Breakups are complex. When they happen, lives change. All of this is a big deal when you’re also going through heartbreak. It’s normal to still have feelings for your ex and the life you shared. But if you’re looking to get back together with your ex after a difficult relationship, look deeper into yourself and find out why this is the case. 

5. You are longing for love (but not necessarily your ex’s). 

Dreams can give you the opportunity to see what you’re missing in your life. If you’re dreaming about your ex, it could be that you miss having love in your life but not necessarily love from your ex. Many people have a fear of being alone, even if they’re not ready to be in a relationship just yet.

Dreams Give You the Opportunity to Reflect 

Dreaming about an ex can mean all kinds of things, but it’s usually not a sign that you need to get back together with this person. Instead, it’s an opportunity to look deep into yourself and find out what you are missing. For more insight into your dreams and your inner psyche, schedule a psychic reading with Jack Rourke