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Extrasensory Perception: Could You Be Clairvoyant?

Have you ever wondered if you have ESP – short for extrasensory perception? This ability allows you to receive information directly with the mind. For example, you might get a gut feeling about something and it turns out to be true. Or you might receive a warning about the future and watch it play out a few weeks later. These are common examples of what some associate with ESP.

People from all over the world claim to have ESP in different ways, from seeing into the future to talking to deceased loved ones. Could all forms of ESP be tapping into a hidden realm of knowledge? 

Clairvoyance in Psychic Readings 

Jack Rourke provides psychic readings to people around the world. Jack uses his extrasensory perception to obtain information and relay it to people for the purpose of helping them live fulfilling lives. He relies mostly on his clairvoyance to deliver information. These psychic details will animate in his awareness like short videos or tiny snapshots floating before his eyes. Over the years as Mr. Rourke matured in his ESP abilities visions have become more complex and immersive as if inhabiting a 3D environment. 

Most people who schedule psychic readings with Jack are coming to him for insight. But there are some people who feel they have a sixth sense and need his expert mentoring.  Assistance can include how to relate to psychic experiences, control them, increase accuracy and understand how psi0fucntioning can impact your anatomy. 

Signs You Might Have ESP 

Some people believe that we’re all born with psychic abilities.  This is a very simple view of what can be a complex phenomnea. Such an opinion usually supports a contrived identity rather than the reality of ESP.  From this vantage point, psychic ability is more of a belief system than a demonstrable reliable ability that can add value. But with practice and discipline, ESP can become stronger. It is almost always wrong to assume anyone knows how to effectively use and process ESP naturally from the start. 

Here are some signs Mr. Rourke considers indications you might have potential ESP.

  • Intuitive. You can sense non-verbal actionable feelings that are something other than a judgment. This could be in the form of vibes from people that spawn specific visions or flashes of historical details of a place.
  • Frequent visions. You have objectively verifiable precognitive dreams or spontaneous flash visions of the past, present, or future. 
  • Deja vu. You experience strong feelings of having been somewhere or done something previously. Of note is the deja vu being based on a dream or remembering that you remembered this deva vu detail before.  
  • Vivid dreams. You find yourself waking up and remembering your dreams in detail.
  • Telepathy. Consistently hearing people’s thoughts or sensing their distress or desire for connection over long distances. 

How to Know if You Have ESP 

If you believe you might have ESP, you can start by taking some tests online. Most of them are just for fun, but they can be an insightful tool for assessing how well you can pick up on extrasensory information. For instance, this Advanced ESP Test tests for telepathy and clairvoyance using Zener cards

There are also apps and online games that can strengthen your psychic abilities. This is a great option if you know you have some ESP but are having a hard time harnessing it. 

The most important thing to remember is that ESP does not make you special. It does not mean you are especially spiritual or chosen by god. Instead, if you are psychically active it requires accepting responsibility for your mind, emotions, and body. Otherwise, you risk adapting to psi-functioning in a manner that normalizes philosophies and styles of relating to self and others which are counter to holistic spiritual wellbeing.

You can also schedule a psychic reading with Jack Rourke to gain more insight into your abilities and how to use them to your fullest.