healing soul exhaustion

What is Soul Exhuastion? How Can it be Healed?

We all know how it feels to be mentally or physically exhausted. But we often neglect our spiritual health. This is a fact. But something new is imagining our soul can get tired. The term for this is soul exhaustion.

It’s normal to feel unbalanced at times. Maybe we’ve allowed the demands of life to steal our self-care time. School, kids, that extra work project, or just simply not having the ability to say no can all lead to a kind of spiritual exhaustion. The fact of the matter is, however, is that the soul, the transpersonal dimension of awareness that observes your small self running the rat race – can never get tired. The soul is energy. We might feel low energy as a result of disconnection from source. But truthfully, the soul is invigorated by nature. We know this from when we feel inspired. These moments are literally when we feel in-spirited with creativity and enthusiasm.

Are You Experiencing Soul Exhaustion? 

Like with physical exhaustion, rest is helpful to combat so-called soul exhaustion. But what you really need when depleted at the soul level is to reconnect with your infinite source rather than drawing individual power from the finite. 

Soul exhaustion isn’t always obvious. Your soul energy flows within you and when you lose connection to this flow, you may become physically fatigued, depressed, and consequently crave invisibility. You then lower your standards to lessen the demand on your psyche and fade into the woodwork. Usually, the most common sign of soul exhaustion is feeling anxious and unfulfilled but not knowing why. 

Here are some ways to recognize if your fatigue is due to soul exhaustion: 

  • You break down over little things
  • It’s difficult to stay asleep
  • Your body aches a lot 
  • You feel lonely (even in a crowd of people) 
  • Your life is run on autopilot
  • You feel a disconnect in your life 

How to Address Soul Exhaustion 

Addressing soul exhaustion requires immediately prioritizing meditation, journaling, or more importantly any activity that feels like play. What we do not want to do is habitualize distraction. This means numbing ourselves out or mitigating any build-up of stress or tension using sex, alcohol, food, or even over-exercising. Other ways of mitigating stress are to normalize our inner world by judging, gossiping, or provoking or projecting the outer world to feel similar to what we assume is real inside. 

To soothe soul exhaustion and any underlying tension, we must surrender any vision of who we think we are or need to be. Giving up a false or imagined self ends the illusions something about me or the world must be a certain way in order to stifle feelings or give me permission to feel how I want to feel and live. All tension, mental, emotional, or physical is always resistance to what actually is. We do not surrender ourselves in the form of our goals or values. But we can let go of resistance to reality by opening up. Simply by practicing curiosity and gratitude.

After letting go of illusions the best we can, the first step to addressing soul exhaustion is paying attention to ourselves and our actual circumstances. This is self-love in the form of genuine self-acceptance. Next, take an inventory of your interests. Then, take action. Action is the only way to end anxiety. Do something just for fun. A joyful expression of your authentic you is how we take action to overcome soul exhaustion! You might think you have no time to play. “Joy is illogical I have no time for joy!” The kid’s lunches have to be made. Can’t making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches be a game? Find your fun. Dare to be silly just because it feels good.

A common source of soul exhaustion is relationships. Do you believe the people in your life are required to make you feel how you want to feel? Are you dependent on others and the outside world for your baseline sense of personal value?  If you legitimately have no time for games then you also may have no time for the most important relationship – your relationship with yourself.

Lack of personal attention to our fundamental needs diminishes self-sufficiency making us increasingly dependent on outer people and things for our felt sense of wellbeing. This means your life and your identity might be mostly transactional. It is this constant state of grasping to acquire that leads to fatigue and even emptiness. Always solving problems, and indeed looking for problems to solve is a way to fill ourselves with an imagined purpose. But chain problem solving can also be a strategy for avoiding intimacy and feeling vulnerable.

If you’re receptive to being cared for and feel safe being seen for who you genuinely are then your soul exhaustion is not a metaphysical problem. You could just have poor boundaries. Real leaders, whether in business or within a family, have strong but flexible boundaries. Boundaries are necessary for functional relating. Boundaries create space for autonomy. They make room for joy, individual action, empathy, and self-reflection. Always saying yes does not make us nice people. It means we’re afraid to assert limits. What other people think of you is none of your concern. You prevent soul exhaustion by focusing your attention like a laser and only “being there” for others only when and how you are truly capable. Believing you always need to be how anyone or everyone needs you to be means you are trapped in a painful delusion based on a false impression of who you are and other people’s capabilities.   

Routine exhaustion is not normal. However, at one point or another, you’re going to experience physical, mental, or spiritual depletion. This is especially true if you are drawing personal power from finite sources such as your job, Facebook likes, professional status, or social approval. Regardless of how you developed soul exhaustion what’s important is that you don’t stay stuck in this state. So, if you feel drained as if something is weighing on you, this is a sign it is time to get real.

Getting real means prioritizing real self-care. Honor your time, your boundaries, and your needs for meaningful love and connection – rather than trying to be f*cking nice. People-pleasing is just a way to acquire approval from sources that cannot actually provide the cure for soul exhaustion, in terms of the personal fulfillment that only arises from one’s inner soul connection.

Below are some steps to healing your spiritual energy: 

  • Get moving. Movement is one of the best ways to activate a connection to your body. Start with a short walk or bike ride. This movement circulates blood around your body and boosts feel-good chemicals in the brain.
  • Meditate. Many people live in a state of fight or flight. This is a drain on your energy reserves. Meditation down-regulates the nervous system and re-orients our attention inward so that we can create and experience ourselves in relation to inner peace.
  • Practice deep breathing. Deep breathing regulates your parasympathetic nervous system and helps your body relax. As a result, your heart rate, and blood pressure will slow offering a felt experience of safety
  • Bathe in self-love.  Give yourself the love and appreciation you deserve. Jack Rourke always says, “How you love yourself is a roadmap for how others will love you. How we care for ourselves is also an expression of our standards. The degree to which we show up for ourselves and free others to do likewise is a reflection of our authenticity.” 

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