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Tips for Getting Along with Coworkers You Don’t Like

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“It’s not the job that stinks, it’s the people.” Sound familiar? 

For some working Americans, working alongside coworkers they don’t like is an everyday reality. They often enjoy their work, their hours and their pay, but they’re unhappy because of the people they work with. 

If you can agree with this sentiment, chances are, you’re not feeling your best right now. A lot of times, it’s not one person that’s the problem but rather the culture of the organization. You might feel left out or ganged up on, or your personality might not mesh well with everyone else. 

When you don’t get along with your coworkers, you have two options. You can leave your job or you can try to get along with your coworkers. Scheduling a psychic reading with Jack Rourke, a career psychic in Los Angeles, can help you gain insight and clarity into your situation. 

How to Get Along with Your Coworkers (Even When You Don’t Like Them) 

Assuming that you choose to stay at your job, here are some tips for getting along with your coworkers and making your environment less stressful. 

Avoid sharing too much personal information. 

Over time, you might want to develop friendships with some of your coworkers, but this could cause you to over-share personal information. Sharing a few details about your weekend is fine, but to keep things comfortable, avoid talking too much about your personal life. 

Be a good listener. 

The stress of work can quickly build up, and sometimes people just need to vent. Be a good listener and let your teammates say what’s on their minds. This is a great way to make them feel comfortable and build up a good working rapport. Just remember to keep things confidential. 

Avoid office drama. 

Staying out of the office drama is one of the best ways to keep peace. When you engage in this drama, you end up taking sides and lose the ability to get along with some of your coworkers. As tempting as it can be, stay out of the office drama and keep your opinions to yourself. 

Worry about your job and not others. 

If you notice someone not doing their job, chances are, it doesn’t concern you. The only time you have to speak up is when your productivity is affected. Otherwise, focus on your own performance and let management handle the rest. 

Be positive and dependable.

Two good qualities of likable coworkers are being positive and dependable. Don’t let your bad days ruin the office vibe. Keep positive and maintain an open mind when hearing of new ideas. Also, make sure you’re on time every day and keep your breaks to their scheduled times so that you don’t cause resentment in others. 

Getting along with your coworkers might not be easy, but it’s worth working towards. When everyone gets along, you can enjoy a comfortable and productive workplace. Even though there will be drama to some degree, you can keep yourself out of it and focus on improving your own skills. 

If you’re unsure of whether to stay or leave your job, book a psychic career reading with Jack Rourke. You’ll get the insight you need to make good decisions!