happy woman after breakup

How to Find (and Love!) Yourself Again After a Breakup

Relationships are hard. Breakups are even harder. All the thoughtful messages, beautiful flowers, inside jokes and dinner dates – gone in an instant. You may not know how to move forward in your life or if you can ever find love again.

While some breakups might feel like a nightmare you want to wake up from, the reality is that things will be tough for a while. But the more grace you give yourself, the better you can heal and come out of the experience stronger. 

So how can you find happiness after a difficult breakup? Below are some ways to find yourself while healing on an emotional and spiritual level. If you’re having trouble understanding why you’re having difficulty finding love, schedule a psychic reading with Jack Rourke to gain valuable insight. 

Give yourself time to grieve.

Breakups are some of the hardest life experiences. Knowing how hard these situations are, you must give yourself time to grieve. Surround yourself with people who understand what you’re going through. Everything is fresh and new, but you’ll eventually tire yourself out crying and feeling sad. Until then, get these emotions out rather than bottling them up.

Feel your emotions, but don’t let them consume you.

It’s fine to cry, scream, feel sad/angry/bitter, etc. Breakups are hard for more reasons than what’s on the surface. For example, maybe you were close to your ex’s family and you feel like you’re losing them, too. Or perhaps you have to move out of your apartment or leave behind a shared pet. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions come your way.

That said, you do need to pick yourself up and not let these emotions consume you. Continue going to school or work, spend time with friends, enjoy your favorite activities and practice good self-care. In fact, some hobbies like music and art can help you process the breakup.

Stop blaming yourself for what happened. 

When you’re going through the cycle of self-pity, it’s easy to want to blame yourself for what transpired. But it’s not your fault. No relationship is perfect so there’s no sense in dwelling on the past. This will deplete your energy and cause you to miss out on the good things in your life. 

Distance yourself from the hurt. 

It’s tempting to put yourself closer to your ex to bring back some of that familiarity, but it’s best to resist. Cut off contact (if you can) and don’t try the friend zone, at least yet. There’s too much emotion involved to be friends right now. We also advise against stalking your ex, as you might find that they moved on faster than you! The best approach: focus on yourself and your healing right now. 

Keep a positive attitude. 

Sure, it’s hard to think positively when your heart is broken, but working at this will help you keep a healthier perspective. There is always a good side to everything that happens, and it’s possible that a new and better relationship will be at the end of this. In the meantime, appreciate the people around you and spend time bettering yourself. Use the extra time you have to start a new hobby, meet new friends or simply learn more about your wants and needs. Give yourself the things you deserve. 

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