Clearing up Intuition

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Clearing up Intuition

 In my work as a professional psychic I’m always coming across people who claim they’re psychic because of their puported intuitiveness. But what if the widely accepted notion that “inner knowing” is synonomous with ESP is wrong?

A straight forward definition for intuition is: knownig directly without proof or
Clearing up intuitionevidence
. But how does this sort of inner knowing make itself felt?

Inner knowing commonly manifests in three ways?

  1. It can present itself as an inllectual snap judgment of someone’s character.  i.e; “I implicitly like or do not like that person for this reason” despite not having all the facts.
  2. A Physical sensation– a defensive tightness in the body. Constricted breathing or an unconscious protective posture that tells us something or someone is “bad”.  Conversely, you might experience a warm affectionate feeling as if you’ve known a person all your life.
  3. Lastly, inner knowing can be Emotional in terms of an inexplicable happiness, dislike or aversion toward someone you have no foreknowledge or personal history with
According to scientific research you can read about in my book The Rational Psychic, inner knowing is not truly extrasensory in the way a discplined psychic would define ESP. An inner felt sense assumed to be true is merely the combined wisdom of all of your past experiences speaking to you via your feelings—feelings whose source remains mostly outside of conscious awareness.” Looking at intuition this way, we can see spiritual growth requires a refrain from using mystical and psychci metaphors that insulate us from the reality of both our inner and outer worlds.

Direct knowing can inhibit spiritual growth

We begin to liberate ourselves from past karma when we look directly at life and deal with our thoughts and feelings as they actually are.

Highly senstive people tend toward judging others based on feelings rather than fact. These feelings are not always based in fact and are commonly rationalized as messages from guides or one’s higher self. Such a strategy is a form of self deception. It’s a way of overlaying a spiritual excuse rather than diving into an assumption or confrontation that may include uncomfortble feelings.

A refusal to confront reality and instead hide behind spiritual rationalizations is a form of denial and self isolation. The irony too, is that by attempting to be spiritual you are not really expressing the truth of who you are.

When past conditioning manifests as inner knowing it influences the way you perceive yourself and the world around you. If such intuitivenes soley guides your decision making you are not living in the present. And thus, you are not awake and in the driver seat of your life. This is harmful.

An authentic spiritual person is enaged with life as it actually is. They do not islate within their thoughts and feelings and call it psychic or spiritual. A genuine spiritual person is courageous. He or she is informed by their feelings yet they temper their intuitive hunches with logic and reasoning so proactive decisions can be made.

You cannot grow as a spiritual being so long as you avoid accountability for your thoughts and feelings by listening only to the voice in your head. Appreciating the rational causes of intuitive feelings empowers you to simultaneously release fear and assert real control over your life. So you see, by stepping away from the common metaphysical assumptions about intuition we discover our true spiritual essence!

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