Paranormal Witness – A Road less traveled

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Paranormal Witness - A Road less Traveled

Being a paranormal witness can inspire beliefs in ghosts, psychic ability and and a variety of out of the ordinary subjects. But an increasing number of metaphysically minded people are discovering that mystical  beliefs do not fulfill their spiritual needs.

Psychic people are especially prone to feeling spiritually malnourished for two reasons. First, psi-functioning mentaly interferes with the feeling and ownership of genuine emotion. Without an ability to tolerate and process real emotion intimacy with self and others is compromised. Next, whether your beliefs include mediumship, spell casting or the law of attraction, these paranormal concepts soldify the ego in ways genuine spiritual practice is meant to dissolve. 

Paranormal ideas - obstacles to genuine self awarenes

Psychic enthusiausts sometimes refer to themselves as light workers. And like paranormal hobbyists they too often get caught in the notion they're literally combating demons or defending people against actual creatures who haunt their homes. On paper this sounds absurd. Nevertheless the emotionality fostering these beliefs are real. And the resulting dramatics provide purpose, meaning and sense of worth to many sensitive people yearning for connection. Paranormal Witness

For a paranormal witness, adopting a polarizing light versus dark, good versus evil point of view allows you to cast yourself as champion and saviour. This inflated persona satisfies deep seeded needs for approval. Among psychic people the positive feedback helpful for discerning accurate psychic information can also become unhealthy when it's mistook for praise.

"Everyone needs love in terms of feeling accepted and appreciated for who they inherently are. But peering into one's mind and soliciting praise for what is paranormally discerned is a cowardlly acheivement." - Jack Rourke

Being a paranormal witness is not an accomplishment. Seeing a ghost and encounter strange things are not spiritual acheivements. Nor do such things qaulify you as someone who is particularly enlightened. Everyone needs love in terms of feeling accepted and appreciated for who they inherently are. But peering into one's mind and soliciting praise for what is paranormally discerned is a coward's acheivement.

The paranormal road less traveled requires turning away from self aggrandizing perceptions and mystical ideas and committing to simply being human. Ordinary human life is where our joys and sadneses manfiest. We laugh and love and we do not distance ourselves by proclaiming ourselves as observers with special sight.

Genuine self examination, surrender and personal healing is the road less traveled. Taking this road liberates you from the grip of your paranormally fortified ego. Every paranormalist and metaphysician must walk the road within to truly grow spiritually. Only when you are awakened to all of your credits and faults, can you safely and most effectively, develop as a psychic – and more importantly, as a spiritual being. To help you navigate the seemingly paranormal subjective world, I offer you The Rational Psychic™, A skeptic’s guide to extraordinary perception,  available on Amazon courtesy of SoundsTrue publishing beginning October 1st 2012.