Is Psychometry Real? – Touching Truth

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Is Psychometry Real – Touching Truth

 Is psychometry real? This is a question many have asked. Under the correct conditions a properly disciplined sensitive can perceive information drawn from the energy theoretically imprinted on an object. And not only can this process be intruging because of its accuracy, it also helps underscore the reality of extrasensory perception.

Psychic reading and psychometry, touching truth

Psychometry is a good method for demonstrating the reality of ESP. Conventional psychic readings can be dismissed as false by cynics who claim sensitives probe for information by covertly asking questions of their clients. But good psychometrists can glean facts simply by touching an object.
During a conventional psychic reading a psychic may ask something like, are you a lawyer? He or she will them qaulify their question by informing their client they’re seeing books, papers and courtroom scenes. is psychometry real Admittedly, asking questions can appear as if one is fishing for infomation. But let’s say a psychic holds your pen and describes seeing images concerning a courtroom and you do infact work in the legal profession. Coincidence?

Probing questions are used to acquire iformation only by frauds and amatuers. A reliable and trustworthy psychic asks questions to verify what they are psychically perceiving on your behalf. A great psychic may not even ask for your feedback. However, the best psychics do ask for your feedback. The reading is for you. We want to make sure we are tuning into information that is meaningful for you.

To help you best answer the questions, is psychometry real, you should try it for yourself. Don’t worry, there is nothing you need be afraid of. It is perfectly safe for you to try psychometry for yourself.

Psychic people have gleaned information from all kinds of objects. Articles of clothing, wooden furniture and childrens toys have all been used to discern psychic information. Tradtionally, however, metalic objects such personal jewelry are thought to be the best source of psychic data for psychometrists. The reason for this, is it is thought that metal conducts electricity and that metalic objects worn by your person best absorb the bioelectric field emitted from the human body. It is further theorized that within your personal bio field is information specific to your experience. And thus, by tuning into the energy absorbed by your jewelry a psychic can ‘see’ information about you.

Is psychometry real? Personally, I know psychometry is a fact. That does not mean I accept the theory for how psychemtry conceivably works. I just know that when I was a novice psychic psychometry was a valuable method for developing confidence in myself because of the fantastic resuts I experienced.

Psychometry is helpful for young psychics since it allows them to place their focus on an external obect rather than tuning inward and directly confronting the contents of their subconcious. You see, sensitives are prone to projecting their inner life outward perceiving ghosts and all manner mystical things. This trains the sensitive to rely on metaphor rather than developing ESP that produces objectively verifiable facts.

In my book The Rational Psychic I tell two stories about psychometry from early on in my development. The first was about how I took a necklace belonging to my girfriend into my hand and opened my psychic faculties. I then wrote a list of all the little details I saw. When I shared my list with my girlfriend I learned I had very accurately described the inside of her parents home. My visions included unique peices of furniture and the view from their living room window. What was amazing was I had never met my girlfriend’s parents and their home was more than seven thousand miles away.

The second story I told about psychometry in The Rational Psychic concerned a public demonstration I performed in a workshop. A hundred people each placed an article of jewelry in a single bag. Psychic volunteers would then blindly select a item from the bag and “read” it for the audience.

When I reached into the bag I withdrew a small ring and held it tightly in my hand. Next, I began describing a scene playing out within my mind’s eye in response to holding the ring in my hand. As I relaxed my vision expanded and it was as if I was literally standing inside my vision. I continued explaining what I was seeing. After a few moments a man stood from within the audience and he began confirming everything I said. But when my reading was over and I handed him back his ring something happened I had not expected. The man handed me back the ring and said it wasn’t his. I was shocked. Everyone in attendance was confused. He had confirmed everything about my psychic vision concerning his childhood and a special birthday party thrown for him in a local park. I showed the ring to the rest of the crowd. No one claimed it. There was a very long awkward pause. Finally a coarse sounding elderly woman from across the room stood up. The ring belonged to her. She was the mother of the man who confirmed my psychic visions.