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How a Psychic Reading Can Help You Stay Healthy During Coronavirus

Panic is a natural response to common disasters, whether it’s a winter storm or a widespread pandemic like the novel coronavirus. When people act on this panic, they do things they wouldn’t normally do, such as stockpiling groceries and supplies or changing their eating and sleeping patterns. 

Panic Drives Unusual Behaviors 

There are psychological and scientific reasons why people experience extreme panic during unprecedented times. Most commonly, panic arises from fear and anxiety. As a result, people are more likely to: 

  • Secure essentials for the future. During times of stress, people worry about having enough food and supplies to sustain them. With restaurants closing and grocery stores limiting their hours, this fear seems more warranted. 
  • Take control over another aspect of life. When people feel like they’re losing control, they’ll try to gain it over other areas of their life. They’ll shift all of their focus and energies onto something they can control, such as stockpiling or cleaning. 
  • Respond to what other people are doing. We are social creatures. We look to others to know how to respond to certain situations. Currently, we are living in unprecedented times, and people piggyback off others’ behaviors. Unfortunately, this can lead to poor choices.
  • Place value on certain items. Psychologists find that certain objects are seen as more valuable during times of stress, therefore, people will pay more for them. In this case, toilet paper, paper towels and milk are of great value. 

Shifting from Panic to Positivity 

People do crazy things when they experience panic. However, panic is not a productive emotion. It leads to poor choices for ourselves and others, and it depletes our energy reserves. A better response is altruism. But most people can’t shift from panic to positivity overnight. Instead, it takes a conscious effort to change this way of thinking. 

The good news is that you can achieve a healthier perspective by taking care of your mind, body and soul. A psychic reading is an excellent way to nourish all three. Psychic readings deliver quick results that you can apply to your life right now. This is especially important if you feel consumed by the pandemic. 

How a Psychic Reading Can Help 

I always tell clients that a psychic reading is not a way to see beyond your immediate circumstances, but rather a chance to promote healing within yourself. You must work through your struggles, even though this can be uncomfortable. Once you’re able to process your emotions, you can work towards transformation and healing. 

For example, you may be experiencing scary thoughts and emotions in response to the pandemic. A psychic reading won’t take these feelings away, but it will point you in the direction of your own unique attributes. Can you take the anxiety you’re feeling and channel it into something good, like donating to a food pantry? Can you practice meditation or deepen your connection to the spiritual world? 

We all have the ability to heal within ourselves. If you feel that you’re struggling to find this healing during the Covid-19 outbreak, contact Jack Rourke for a psychic reading. This will be a wonderful opportunity to navigate beyond the illusions of disease and calamity and find comfort in your own rich inner resources.