psychic reading over phone

Why Psychic Readings Over the Phone are MORE Accurate

Technology has made it easier for psychics to connect with clients online and over the phone. And now with COVID-19, many psychics feel most comfortable delivering their services online. It’s safer this way, and they can still provide the same effective readings. 

If you’re wondering how accurate psychic readings are over the phone, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll answer your questions and ease your mind so that you know your phone session will give you the answers and clarity you’re seeking. 

It’s All About the Energy 

It might seem like psychic readings over the phone wouldn’t be accurate because the medium isn’t in the same room as the client, nor can they see them face to face. But you’ll be surprised to learn that skilled psychics don’t need to be right next to a person to provide a psychic reading. 

An experienced psychic taps into the energy field of the client regardless of where they are. Jack Rourke, one of the best psychics in Los Angeles, uses a variety of psychic talents and intuitive sensing abilities to gather information. He relies mostly on clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. You can read more about Jack’s talents here

Why Phone Psychic Readings are Better 

Believe it or not, psychic readings over the phone can be more effective than readings done in person. As long as you choose a reliable and skilled psychic who knows how to use their gifts effectively, you can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Accurate readings. Phone readings tend to be more accurate because there is less distraction for the client and psychic. 
  • Privacy and anonymity. Clients appreciate that phone readings allow them to remain anonymous. 
  • Open conversations. Because phone readings are anonymous, clients tend to have an easier time letting down their guard and discussing personal topics. 
  • Ask the right questions. Having a phone reading is also beneficial because you can take notes and be thoughtful about the questions you ask. It’s best to ask constructive questions like, “What am I doing wrong right now?”

Schedule Your Psychic Reading Over the Phone Today 

Jack doesn’t need to be face to face to tap into your natural energy field. He can accomplish this over the phone and help you solve real-life issues related to work, health, relationships and love. To schedule your phone psychic session, contact us today at 866-280-6888 or schedule an appointment online