A Spiritual Psychic ?

Spiritual Psychic: Jack Rourke

I consider myself a spiritual psychic in the sense that my work is grounded in fundamental presense. Now, I know the term “fundamental presence” may seem a bit opaque, so what is fundamental presence?

In short, fundamental presence is the open space underlying our ego identity and shared human experience. Un oh, is this more metaphysical double talk? Allow me to try and clarify further.

Most psychics work within and sometimes even live in a sentimental mental state confusing attunement with their sub conscious with being in touch with heavenly realms. But being a spiritual psychic is not about communing with or advocating for invisble beings. Rather being spiritual is about embodying those nutirent rich non-physical qaulties such as love, kindness, patience and acceptance of self and other that inspire authenticity.

When we take the focus off ourselves and cease holding up an imagined self tremendous energy is repurposed into illuminating our personality. This brightness is self love and it happens naturally.”

Authenticity is the key to being a spiritual psychic. Authenticity is the expression of what’s most fundamental and true within us all. When we’re authentic we’re not contained or defended. We’re not boastful or judgemental. Instead we’re generous with ourSpiritual Psychic Los Angeles time, resources and most of all our attention. In fact, when we take the focus off ourselves and cease holding up an imagined self tremendous energy is released and repurposed into illuminating our personality. This brightness is self love and it ignites naturally when we stop hiding who we are.

Recently, clients have been asking a lot of questions about the political climate in the United States. Change elicits fear of the unknown and never before has there been such an election cycle in American politics that has triggered such wide-spread fear and division. And so when clients asked me straightforward who would win the election, intuitively I recognized what they were really looking for was help managing their fear of uncertainty.

Growing up I had no intention of being a spiritual psychic. Metaphysics across the board all sounded like nonsense to me. More to the point, I confess I’d eye-roll every time I’d hear someone say “hippy” like things such as,  “Give peace a chance man”.  In fact, if I’m to be really honest, “hippy” street protesters were a great source of disdain and amusement amongst my circle friends. Not because we disagreed with peace or any other seemingly hippy agenda. I’m proud my friends and I were socially and politically progressive. What was bothersome about what we judged as “hippy” mentality was a self indulgent adversion to reality. In our view “hippies” seemed to feel entitled to publically emotionally pollute – by shouting, blaming and otherwise acting as if the entire world should cater to their feelings.

As I’ve matured spiritually I developed greater eqaunimity. With an increased ability to tolerate emotions I’m no longer irritated by boisterous displays of emotion. I am also more compassionate. Yet, I still don’t believe unfiltered rage or blame are successful strategies for meaningful change. Perhaps, my younger self would laugh at how hippy I’ve become in middle age but I doubt it. Because what I’ve come to realize is inner peace is an immensely satisfying and powerful force that magnifies rather than inhibits physical action.

Feeling and processing emotion is the way to inner calm. Inner peace is not hippy. Nor is it weak or passive. Instead inner stillness is an expression of courage and strength because it represents you’re fearlessly accepting circumstances as they actually are.

When peaceful we hold space. We look at what is directly and process our feelings without losing contact with the power of who we truly are. Inner peace engenders mental clarity, emotional stability and just determination. Inner peace is the stable ground where personal authenticity transforms into fearless opposition to the swirling tempest of bigotry and injustice.  

Now more than ever I am grateful for the spiritual psychic service I provide my community. And much to the chagrin of my teanage self, maybe I’m a little hippy after all.Spiritual Psychic - Psychic Los Angeles