Finding Love that Lasts – Love Psychic Los Angeles

Love Psychic Los Angeles: What is a love psychic? In my view the term  love psychic is silly. When I hear someone refer to themselves as a love psychic I immediately assume they’re trying to sell me a potion or some kooky notion they can use magic to call forth my true soulmate.

I’m not a believer in soulmates. I believe in choices. Choosing to be devoted. Choosing to be and share all that I am. And choosing to demonstrate love as a state of authentic emotionally present being and considered action that supports my partner in their true wants, dreams and desires.

Whether I see value in the term love psychic or believe in soulmates, as a professional psychic I counsel clients everyday on how to have spiritually fulfiling love relationships with themselves and their partners.

Singles and those in unfulfilling romantic situations often ask how they can get the relationship they want. But searching for a metaphysical strategy to produce a future relationship ignores a critical truth. What is that truth? It is this.

Whether you’re single or unhappy with your current partner, you’re already in relationship – act like it. Honor yourself and your connections with other people by genuinely showing up for yourself.

Love Psychic Los AngelesHonor yourself and your connections with other people by genuinely showing up for yourself. We really show up each time we communicate through our words and actions our true wants, needs and joys. Live your life and invite those you care about to share in your joy. Seeing others and accepting them as they are, while also allowing them to see you, is relating honestly. Transparency is the only way to have truly fulfilling relationships right here right now in the present.