spring clean your soul

Spring Cleaning for Your Soul: Happiness is Within Reach

As the days grow longer, the winter chill subsides and the snow on the ground melts away, people have the natural instinct to clean their homes. Similar to animals, humans are waking from their hibernation and cleaning out everything that has accumulated over the long winter season!

Spring cleaning offers plenty of mental and physical benefits because it keeps you active, improves your focus and mood and decreases stress. A clean home is a happy home, after all! 

But did you know that spring cleaning isn’t just good for your home but your soul, too? That’s right – your soul also needs some tidying up. Below are some ways that you can spring clean your body for a happy, healthy rest of the year. 

Reevaluate Your Priorities 

Many of us get so used to the daily grind, we end up going through the motions without much thought. But are you really living the life that you want? Are you doing what’s important to you? 

Now is a good time to take inventory in your life. What areas do you want to focus on? Is it family? Faith? Marriage? Where can you cut back? Make an honest assessment of where you need to make changes. Answering these questions will help you understand where you need to change. 

Release the Mental and Emotional Clutter 

What issues are bothering you? Are you in a toxic relationship? Are you constantly feeling stressed or anxious? Do you have unresolved grief? 

Whatever is clouding your mind and spirit, work on letting that go. You may be able to do this on your own by letting the negative emotions flow so that you can process them and move on. This can be done through things like meditation, journaling or self-care. 

It’s possible that you may need help from a therapist or medium in Los Angeles who can help give you closure. These professionals will also encourage you to use strategies like silent or guided meditation to clear your mind. 

Create Space in Some Relationships 

Are some of your relationships unhealthy? If you struggle with negative or unhealthy people in your life, it’s time to spring clean your relationships. You can still have a relationship with the person, but spend less time and energy on them. In doing this, you can invest more into the relationships that make you feel good about yourself. 

Spend Less Time on Social Media 

People spend an average of 2.5 hours on social media every day. However, evidence is mounting that there is a link between social media use and depression. It may be time to cut back!

Think about how you feel when you use social media. If you find yourself comparing your ‘real’ life to everyone else’s picture-perfect lives, you can end up feeling resentful, jealous and disappointed. This can put you at risk for depression or anxiety. 

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your news feeds, use this time for self-care or to help others. Volunteering is good for the soul, too!

Purge a Bad Habit or Two 

You may have picked up some bad habits over winter, such as snacking more or watching too much TV. Winter has this effect on us. But now it’s time to purge these bad habits. 

You don’t have to do everything at once. Focus on one or two bad habits and change them for the better. For example, the 30 minutes you may have spent watching TV can be spent walking your neighborhood or writing in a journal. 

Spring cleaning goes far beyond your home. It also works for your internal space as well. Take good care of your soul by paying attention to how you feel, focusing on the right people and enjoying all of life’s little pleasures. If you need help along the way, or you want clarity on a certain issue, schedule a psychic session with Jack Rourke