avoid hurting your chances of finding love

Are You Unknowingly Sabotaging Your Love Life?

Love is complicated. You might long for a relationship that you want but don’t have. Or, you may continue to stay in a relationship with someone who cheated. Love is something that all of us need, but for some people, it doesn’t come easy. If you are one of these people, it’s possible that you are unknowingly hindering your love life. 

Let’s go over some of the signs that you could be sabotaging your love life. If you have a reading done with a Los Angeles psychic like Jack Rourke, you can discover the underlying reasons for your behaviors and how to break free. 

“It is love that makes the impossible possible.” (Indian Proverb) 

Staying in the wrong relationship.

People stay in unhealthy relationships for all types of reasons. The dynamics may feel “safe” and familiar. They may fear being alone. Or, they may believe they can wait for Mr. or Mrs. Right to come along. However, these are all poor excuses to stay in an unloving relationship

If you’re staying with your partner because you think it’s better than being alone, you are hurting your love life. You can’t invest in yourself or be emotionally available for someone else. Plus, you could end up marrying this person and having an unhappy marriage.

Being obsessed with “ideal situations.”

Everyone wants the perfect love story where boy meets girl and everything falls into place. However, life is rarely the fantasy we hope for. While it’s important to listen to your gut, you can’t turn away from every relationship that falls outside your ideal expectations. Be accepting of the circumstances of new relationships. It might turn out to be real love. 

Spending time with friends who put down love and dating.

Some groups of friends have negative attitudes when it comes to love and dating. If your friends constantly bash the opposite sex, moan about dating or poke fun of people who are “tied down,” beware. These friends may be fun to hang around with, but they probably won’t support your relationship, and you might end up adopting their attitude. 

Of course, you can’t just throw out your friends and find new ones overnight, but be smart about who you’re spending time with. If it’s a loving, committed relationship you want, you need to surround yourself with people who feel the same. Plus, you never know who you might meet by putting yourself out there! 

Not being honest about your wants and needs. 

Another thing that can hurt your ability to find love is not being truthful about your wants and needs. Too often, people enter relationships because they want to meet certain images. Stop worrying about what other people think and consider what makes YOU happy. What do you want from your life? Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? 

It can help to work with a psychic in Los Angeles who can help you sort through these thoughts and feelings. It’s usually much faster than attending therapy, and you can acknowledge what types of relationships are worth pursuing. People rarely talk about what they want from their relationships, but isn’t it time we change that? 

Everyone needs love in their life. If you feel that your love life isn’t going well, it’s possible that you are sabotaging it without realizing it. Schedule a psychic reading with Jack Rourke and uncover the reasons for your resistance and how to break free.