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New Year’s Resolutions: 8 Career Goals You Can Keep

The month of January symbolizes a fresh start. It’s a new year, the stress of the holidays is behind you and the rest of the world is committing to their own goals. It’s an easy time to jump on board with your own resolutions, though by the eighth day of January, 25 percent of people who made resolutions fail to keep them. By the end of January, only 10 percent of resolutions are kept

If you’ve been working with a life coach or psychic in Los Angeles to better understand yourself, you are probably committed to keeping your professional goals. Below are eight New Year’s career resolutions that you should have no trouble keeping in 2021. 

1. Learn a new skill. 

No matter what field you’re in, there are plenty of new skills you can learn to advance your performance. Some of the skills you can consider working on include communication, problem solving, technology, teamwork and self-management. Your employer may even be willing to pay for some skill-related courses. 

2. Read a motivational book. 

Reading is good for the mind – it reduces stress, improves brain connectivity and increases comprehension and vocabulary. The books you read can also give you a fresh perspective on the work you do. Make a commitment to read at least one career-related or motivational book in the New Year. 

3. Update your resume. 

How current is your resume? Even if you don’t plan on changing jobs, you should still keep an updated resume that has your current information and experience. Otherwise, you could lose track of important information to include in your resume when it’s time to switch jobs. 

4. Stay healthier at work. 

Many people started working from home in 2020 due to the pandemic. While it certainly has its benefits, it’s also easier to snack more throughout the day, get less exercise and socialization and neglect your personal appearance. Find ways to stay healthier at work this year such as by packing a healthy lunch and getting up every hour to stretch.  

5. Clean out your physical and digital files. 

Having a clean, organized space leads to greater productivity. Take some time to clean out your workspace by getting rid of the physical and digital files you don’t need. For the things you do need to keep, create an organization system you can follow through with. 

6. Manage your work-life balance. 

If you want to be present in your life, you must learn to balance work and play. This article offers great pointers on creating a healthy work-life balance that allows you to be your best self without causing additional stress. 

7. Volunteer your time. 

While volunteering might seem like the last thing your schedule needs, we find that it’s often a wonderful way for people to learn about themselves and gain a new perspective on life. In fact, you might have an easier time letting the little things go because you’ll finally see your greater life purpose

8. Attend a professional networking event. 

Continue meeting people and expanding your network this year. Attend at least one networking event either in-person or online. These connections are invaluable because they expand your professional network and keep you closely connected to industry leaders and peers. 

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These career goals set you up for professional success because they’re easy to keep and can be expanded upon. If you enjoy reading motivational books, for example, you can continue picking up great titles that teach you more and more about becoming a good leader. If you feel that you’re stuck in your career and could use more insight, book a career reading with psychic Jack Rourke today.