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What is Introspection and Why is it Important?

In the COVID era, many of us are stuck at home and have more time to focus our energies on what others are doing. How many times a day do you log onto Facebook or Instagram to scroll through your newsfeeds? And how often are you filled with discontent as you see others enjoying their best lives? 

Of course, when you do this, you’re only comparing your reality to what other people are projecting, so this does nothing to benefit your mental health. However, it’s definitely easy to fall into this trap, especially when you have more time on your hands from being home. 

Rather than comparing yourself to others, why not put down the phone and use this time for introspection and self-reflection? It may not sound as fun at first, but it’s far more effective than scrolling through endless feeds on social media. 

What is Introspection? What are the Benefits? 

Introspection is a process that involves looking deep within yourself to examine your thoughts and emotions. Many years ago, introspection was used as a research technique, but today, it’s mostly used for self-reflection and self-analysis. It’s a wonderful tool when you want to learn more about your own feelings and behavior. 

The benefits to practicing introspection are: 

  • Great source of personal knowledge 
  • Understand your thoughts and actions 
  • Make connections between different experiences and responses 
  • Allow for mental growth and development
  • Become an expert on your emotions 
  • Develop healthier relationships with others 

How to Practice Introspection 

You can practice introspection on your own or with another individual such as a therapist or psychic medium. Choose a quiet place where you can focus on your thoughts and emotions. You might even find it best to write out your feelings if you have a hard time putting them into words. 

Many people find it easier to work with someone because they can talk things through. During his psychic readings, Jack Rourke encourages self-reflection to reduce anxiety, depression and stress. The hope is that you can learn more about who you are and what behaviors are most constructive. 

Introspection vs Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is focusing on your feelings in a way that brings purpose and focus. Introspection is a type of self-reflection that explores why you’re feeling the way you do. It’s important to not just review your thoughts but also to examine why they appear within you. By practicing this, you can avoid becoming obsessed with certain beliefs and also understand what’s causing negative emotions. 

As you get used to practicing introspection, you can build a better relationship with yourself. And isn’t this how all great relationships are formed? You must love yourself first! Schedule a psychic reading with Jack Rourke to explore your internal feelings and develop a more clear outlook on your path.