Three Tips for a Successful Psychic Reading

Three Tips for a Succesful Psychic Reading

We’ve all been there. You’re feeling stuck – unhappy in life and unsure how to move toward fulfillment. Or, you just can’t figure out whether your relationship can be saved. Is he or she the one? Is that promotion worth it? You need objective insight because emotionally you cannot see the forest for the trees but who can you ask? Why not see a psychic?

You’re not alone in wanting to consult a psychic. In my practice as a professional seer, I’ve consulted a wide range of educated professionals over the last two decades. The stereotype that only gullible and simple-minded people seek psychic insight is just not true. So if you’re new to the psychic arena and feeling a bit unsure, I offer you three tips for a successful psychic reading.

For free or not for free, that is the question

We all love a discount but you get what you pay for. Free psychic readings online can be a good source of amusement. And those big psychic readings by phone companies who offer free introductory readings are surely fast and easy but their business model is designed to hook you at hello and keep you on the line accruing hefty per-minute charges. Remember, they’re selling a mystical experience. Regardless of what they claim, big psychic entertainment companies with giant pay-per-click budgets and slick internet marketing are profit-driven. They are not necessarily intending to truly meet your personal needs for spiritual counsel. So ask around, do your homework and find that special someone you’ll feel safe sharing your hopes, dreams, and wishes with.

Tip #1 psychic advisors are human beings

Extrasensory professionals are people too. We sensitives thrive in environments where we feel safe. Feeling safe means feeling accepted and respected in such a way that easily allows us to establish a warm report with those we serve.

Creating emotional resonance with you and the unseen is critical for a successful psychic session. Cynicism and condemnation erode trust preventing interpersonal harmony. So, the first tip for a successful psychic reading is to bring and an open mind and a warm heart to your session.

A good psychic genuinely cares about you. But not every seer will work exactly how you want them to. Allow your psychic to operate the way their individual extrasensory instrument functions. This doesn’t mean you should be gullible or not use good judgment. Being open-minded and having a warm heart simply is a request for kindness so we can create a space conducive for fruitful and compassionate service.

Remember, you’re not the only one who’s vulnerable during a psychic reading. Your psychic is too. A good psychic lowers his or her boundaries for the sole purpose of helping you. Few clients recognize this fact. Even fewer recognize that performing real psychic service blurs the line between your inner space and the psyche of the seer. Here’s what that means. Psychic readings can be psychologically and physically risky. Sure a mystic can pick up happy pieces of your past present or future. But through psychically merging with your energy we can also experience your physical aches and psychological pains – discomforts that can linger creating ill effects.

So remember, not every seer is for every person. And not every client is right for every psychic. Like Goldilock’s, feeling mutually safe participating in the intimacies of a psychic reading is about finding the interpersonal combination that’s “just right”.

Know what you want

Three tips for a successful psychic reading list would not be complete if it didn’t advise you to know what you want in your psychic. Psychic people are not magicians. Nor are we omnipotent. Each one of us has our own way of working. Individual psychics also have different values and beliefs as to what is or is not appropriate in terms of the information and guidance offered during a session.

If you are grieving and really want a medium that can purportedly help you talk with your deceased loved one, there are psychics who appear to do that. However, many psychics do not perform mediumship. Similarly, some heartbroken people consult psychics to help them get old lovers back in their lives. I have had many clients over the years demand that I tell them what they have to do to make a particular person return to them after a break-up. Unfortunately, it is my belief that extrasensory perception is not meant for manipulating ex-wives, husbands, and lovers. Another psychic might be happy selling you a love spell or convincing you to use the law of attraction. A more common problem though is that far too many psychics cannot tolerate your pain so they’ll tell you anything to alleviate your heartache. These sensitives mean well but they might not be operating from a clear psychic space. Their need to uplift you portrays a deficiency in their ability to genuinely hold you in your grief while exercising healing clairvoyance -seeing through the illusions of suffering.

So before you book your appointment decide what you want guidance on and then do your homework. Look for a psychic whose beliefs are similar to your own. Then, narrow your search further to those who specialize in fulfilling your unique needs. But even then, trust that there is something higher than your ego being served during your session.

Say no to hocus pocus 

The final tip for a successful psychic reading is to surrender to the process and allow yourself to be lead. Meaningful psychic readings are not performance pieces. There is no script. Enjoy the flow.

Genuinely healing psychic readings help you access a deeper, more profound inner space within you. Such sessions don’t convince you of a spiritual world out there, instead, they lead you inward toward the grace of your underlying being. In this way, a good psychic will place the intangible within reach of your consciously felt experience.

My three tips for a successful psychic reading are meant to help you create harmony between your inner and outer world. By trusting your seer and allowing him or her to reveal what only they can offer you, my hope is that they will create a safe place for you to discover more of who you really are.

After nearly twenty years as a psychic, I’ve learned successfully predicting the future, supposedly talking to the dead, and detailing personal information for a client is not really the goal of a successful psychic reading. These things are just gateways to inspire your opening to what’s most meaningful. My hope then, is that by using my three tips for a successful psychic reading you will find a psychic you can learn to love and respect. Someone who will become your partner in awakening your most authentic and fulfilling expression of self.

How to Best Handle a Psychic Reading?

Psychic readings can be easily misunderstood and become a topic of contention. However, with more people are embracing the benefits of psychic readings it is important to understand a few things about them.

First of all, why are you having a psychic reading, and what kind of service does your psychic offer? What is the intention of the service they provide? If what you want does not match the service your psychic provides then you two will not be on the same page. Think about it this way. If you have a health problem go to an actual doctor who practices medicine. If you enjoy medical humor and the experience of being involved in emergency life or death situations don’t waste your doctor’s time. Turn on the TV and enjoy your favorite medical drama.

A great many psychics, even those who take themselves seriously are actually performers. They provide a mystical experience for their sitter which allows the client to feel uplifted and connected to a magical sense of self. This is fun but breeds false confidence in an imagined spiritual identity. Don’t get m wrong. Such an experience can be life-changing. But whether or not such an encounter is real or beneficial long term is an entirely different matter. It is important for you, and your psychic, to be on the same page in terms of what outcome your session is intended to acheive.

When you find a psychic, who provides the service you need in the manner you need it, the first step is to get out of their way. Allow that sensitive to do what they do how they do it. Every psychic has their own special way of doing things. Let them be. But also participate as required. Believe me when I tell you, every psychic wants you to be happy. But if you assert influence out of fear you will not get what you want, or a desire for a specific outcome, you will be disappointed. be with the process. Allow it to unfold naturally. This is how wonderful happens.

Many people love psychic readings. I mean, who wouldn’t want to find out what the future holds? But, how can you make the most of a psychic reading?

Here are five simple tips to ensure you get the best psychic reading at your next appointment.

  1. Stay open-minded and allow the psychic to lead the process.
  2. Have a vision of what you want but let go of your expectations. They get in the way.
  3. Don’t shy away from asking questions. But also listen.
  4. Be respectful. Your psychic is allowing their nervous system to process your energies.
  5. Lastly, enjoy the process!