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Psychic Los Angeles – Thank you for visiting Jack Rourke’s Psychic Readings Los Angeles. We are excited to assist you! “Psychic Readings Los Angeles” is a serious yet fun, soul-centered & solution-oriented spiritual counseling service that employs an evidential psychic method to provide real answers and fact-based actionable insights to discerning clients worldwide. 

 Psychic service dedicated to your spiritual wellbeing

Jack Rourke’s client-focused™ psychic appointments are by phone and skillfully formatted and tailored to meet your precise needs for the sole purpose of helping you with your most important personal, interpersonal or spiritual concerns. Focus is on ending confusion, relieving heartache, and helping you achieve so you can live your best self. As such, our free-flowing yet methodical client-focused™ psychic appointments are only for those seeking real-world growth, actionable yet practical healing insights, powerful creative solutions, and the exact fact-based intuitive information & foresight needed for optimizing mindset, aligning spiritually, and making empowered personal decisions. 

Clinical experts and known self-help gurus rely on Jack Rourke because his powerful psychic sessions ebb and flow yet remain spiritually focused and professionally structured to address and resolve specific questions and real-world concerns. Jack’s attention to you the client is to ensure your appointment provides the exact guidance and foresight required to fulfill your unique needs. To this end, your psychic session with Jack will equip you with actionable facts, provide emotional clarity, and help you reclaim mental precision so you can decisively engage with life divinely aligned and authentically empowered to achieve. Why? – because we are a holistic extrasensory helping service organized and committed to your spiritual wellbeing, happiness & success!

 Mr. Rourke’s methodical client-focused™ psychic counseling sessions are typically focused on love and relationships psychic readings, medical intuitive psychic readings, spiritual mentoring, and career psychic readings. But Jack will assist you with any practical issue that is truly important to you.

Who are Jack’s psychic clients?

All psychic sessions are 100% confidential. Mr. Rourke has turned down interviews with Good Morning Australia and other high-profile media outlets by refusing to discuss public figures. Why? Because our valued clients include billionaire entrepreneurs, fortune 500 CEOs & philanthropists, UN diplomats, royal princesses, and retail heiresses, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, surgeons, medical doctors & dentists, – Clergy, Professional & Olympic athletes – defense contractors, law enforcement, military, & intelligence personnel – NASA visionaries, politicians, and countless celebrity faces as well as known authors, and household names in the life-coaching and self-help industries. You are in excellent hands! Our clients are located across North America and as far away as Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Russia, China, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Dubai, Qatar, and every single European nation.

Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke’s Experience

Jack Rourke is an internationally recognized ESP expert and one of the most prominent professional psychic counselors in North America today. Jack is not an ordinary psychic who demonstrates ESP for your enjoyment. He is an extremely skilled and spiritually grounded helping professional. His sole focus during an appointment is assisting you with your most important personal, interpersonal and spiritual concerns using his client-focused psychic methods.

Jack is a credentialed clergy and an authority on human performance and spiritual transformation. He holds an honorary Doctorate of Divinity for his nearly thirty years of experience serving the public as a professional psychic and spiritual counselor. And, he is the best-selling Sounds True© author of “The Rational Psychic™, A Skeptic’s Guide to Extraordinary Perception. Rourke also contributed to the books Kids Who See Ghosts and What Wags the World – Tales of Conscious Awakening.  He co-authored a 2007 21c Psi Survey with the American Institute of Parapsychology and Jack is the source of wisdom behind countless self-help magazine articles.

In August 2022, Decrypt News Media conducted an in-depth interview with Jack on the subjects of success and achievement with a focus on how an internationally renowned psychic & coach spirituality benefits politicians and business leaders. This followed when in May 2022 Jack’s skill and real-world application of psychic perception earned him recognition by Authority Magazine when they featured him as one of the 5 most influential personal coaches in America. Dubbed world-renowned in 2009 by AOL celebrity news and declared the top psychic in America by Russian State Media & Buzzfeed in 2017 & 2018 respectively, Jack Rourke is a former psychic detective and documented medical intuitive who has consulted on pre and post-operative surgical care with medical professionals, coached hundreds of psychotherapists and worked on decades-old missing person cases as well as murders, suicides, and financial crimes with law enforcement.

Jack was hired by FOX Television and the WB Network to psychically profile the Casey Anthony and Jon Benet Ramsey murder mysteries as well as the tragic death of Elisa Lam… Most notably, CNN sought a spiritual perspective from Jack upon the passing of superstar Michael Jackson which coincided with CBS Television featuring Jack as the real-life version of the psychic detective depicted on their hit TV show The Mentalist. However, Jack’s day-to-day client work is now solely focused on helping clients by addressing and resolving their most important personal, interpersonal, and spiritual concerns using the intuitive methodology he’s developed over decades serving America’s elite helping professionals. 

" This man is beyond gifted! He is accurate to a point that even someone like myself who has been doing readings my entire life is impressed. He really is just out of this world. Honest, caring, to the point, and the real deal. You will get more than your money’s worth with Jack. "
Amanda B.

When you need authentic psychic support, the kind that permanently mitigates uncertainty and fosters dynamic change, you need Jack Rourke’s modern psychic process

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*For Mr. Rourke, the meditative art of ESP is a very real and powerful spiritual tool he uses to help people transform their lives and achieve. This website communicates exactly who Jack serves, the purpose of his appointments, his precise step-by-step process, and the outcomes he strives for with clients. Only schedule with a psychic who works how you want and for the purposes you need. Our service is not a form of metaphysical entertainment and therefore is not for everyone. This means that, although every psychic session includes predictions as a method for providing insight and guidance, predictions are not given just to satisfy curiosity. Also note, that although Mr. Rourke will dominate your conversation with him, he does not provide general psychic readings where he only speaks and the client only listens for the purpose of providing mystical experiences or simply to tell you what he sees. This service is a professional spiritual counseling service that employs a sophisticated psychic method. One that is strictly formatted to help you with your needs using your questions and concerns. All sessions are methodically structured and communicated similar to a coaching appointment that relies upon actionable spiritually discerned information for the sole purpose of holistically helping you make empowered decisions and end heartache so you can live and love fearlessly. We look forward to serving you!